Dr Amanda Gutierrez - Nat Sch of Education (Faculty of Education and Arts)

Assistant Supervisor – Only eligible to supervise with a fully accredited Principal or Co-supervisor


Dr Amanda Gutierrez is a Senior Lecturer in English/literacy and Teacher Professional Practice. She is the National Professional Experience Postgraduate Coordinator, Campus based Professional Experience Advisor and works across multiple local and international partnership projects. She comes from a secondary English teaching background and has taught and held school leadership positions in Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria. She completed her MEd titled "'Empowering' Indigenous students in a critical literacy classroom" while teaching in Northwest WA.

In 2014 she completed her PhD 'Critical literacy in Australia: affordances, tensions and hybridizations'. This focused on the ways critical literacy is constructed in academic texts, curriculum documents in Victoria and Queensland and in teacher discourse/practice in these two states.

Amanda has worked and published in the area of critical literacy and digital games as well as completed a systematic review on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literacy programs.

She also researches in the area of professional experience and partnerships, in particular models of partnerships and professional becoming within these settings. She has led research projects investigating pre-service teacher professional becoming in partnership models.

Dr Gutierrez also coordinates an international partnership project between ACU and the Monastic Education Development Group in Myanmar.


Phone :3616 (Melbourne)
Email :Amanda.Gutierrez@acu.edu.au
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Research Interests

School-University partnerships in ITE ; Professional becoming ; critical literacy/pedagogy ; English Curriculum ;

Methods Expertise

Qualitative Research/Approaches ; Bakhtinian approaches ; Discourse Analysis ; Critical discourse analysis ; Feminist/postmodern approaches ;

Research Projects

Selected Publications


Challenging ideological environments: International teachers' experiences of an outside-of-country teacher training program, in Critical Studies in Education

Exploring the becoming of Pre-Service Teachers in paired placement models, in Teacher Education: Innovation, Interventions and Impact


Turning around to the affordances of digital games: English curriculum and students lifeworlds, in English in Australia


Exploring critical literacy in Queensland and Victoria: affordances, tensions and hybridizations, in English in Australia

Critical literacy in Australia: affordances, tensions and hybridizations, in PhD Thesis


Literacy, identity and online fantasy sports games, in Digital Games: Literacy in action


Experts on the field:A redefining literacy boundaries, in Adolscents' Online Literacies

Affordances And Challenges Of Working With Computer Games In The Classroom: The Teacher Case Studies, in Australian Journal of Language and Literacy


Reflections on Cultural Crossroads: a??Empoweringa?? Students in a Critical Literacy Classroom, in English in Australia


'Empowering' students in a critical literacy classroom, in Masters Thesis

Other information

Amanda currently has the following publications under review:

Gutierrez, A., Jordan, K. & Young, K. (chapter proposal accepted). Exploring what it means to be a professional in partnerships: reflecting on teacher educator narratives. In A. Gutierrez, C. Alexander and J. Fox (Eds.). Professionalism and Teacher Education. Melbourne: Springer.

Gutierrez, A. (under review). Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student literacy outcomes in Australia: a systematic review of literacy programs. Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education (special edition, "Aboriginal Voices" project).

She is also working on several projects. She is
- Co-editing the 2019 ATEA/Springer book 'Professionalism and Teacher Education'
- An intern editor for the A ranked Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education
-finalising publications on the government funded research project "Investigating the effectiveness of the ACU North/West Teaching Academy of Professional Practice partnership for the preparedness of PSTs"
- Conducting a systematic review with Assoc. Professor Jillian Fox, exploring literature internationally to evaluate university partnership programs and models in education.