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I am a Physical Geographer with expertese in palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, geochronology and geochemistry. I hold the position of Senior Lecturer and the Head of Discipline for Geography, based at our Brisbane campus. I was awarded my PhD from the University of Sydney and since then have held post-doctoral positions at the Smithsonian Institution (USA), Georgetown University (USA) and the University of Glasgow (UK). Prior to relocating back to Australia in 2012 I worked for the New Zealand Defence Force at the Defence Technology Agency as an Environmental Research Scientist. Since 2018, I have also held the position of adjunct researcher in the Beach-Butzer Geoarchaeology Laboratory at the University of Austin at Texas.

My research is focused on understanding the way that society has influenced (and has been influenced by) the environment over long historical timescales (centuries to millennia). I am deeply interested in how societies have responded to climate change in the past, and how landscapes have evolved to accommodate (and record) complex human histories. My work has applied interdisciplinary approaches to answer questions about human-environmental connections in the past, drawing on knowledge and techniques from archaeology, geography, geochemistry and environmental physics to develop quantitative models of environmental history at study sites worldwide.

Currently, my work is focused on historic cities and landscapes of the global tropics, where my research aims to reconstruct environmental histories for the last several thousand years at sites of early and enduring human settlement, such as the historic Maya settlements of Lamanai in Belize and El Zotz in Guatemala.

The common theoretical thread running through my research is the question of how best to quantify and understand the complex interaction between human activity, climatic fluctuations and environmental change across the Earth's surface.


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Research Interests

Geochronology ; Climate Change ; Sustainability ; Geoarchaeology ; Soil geomorphology ; Remote Sensing ; Geography ; Environmental Pollution ; GIS ; Wetlands ;

Methods Expertise

GIS ; Geochemistry ; Dating methods ; Geostatistics ; Field work ;

Research Projects

Current Projects

  • Disruption and persistence: resolving the Maya climate-collapse hypothesis (Linked to 10113) (Funded Grant) (Chief Investigator)

Selected Publications


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