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Tania Aspland is currently Professor in Teacher Education at the Australian Catholic University in Sydney. She was previously Professor and Head of Education at the University of Adelaide. She has been a leader in course development in teacher education for many years and is currently engaged in a number of research projects in higher education pedagogies in teacher education undergraduate and graduate courses, particularly in relation to professional standards and evidence based assessment. Tania Aspland has developed an international reputation for community capacity building in Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Hong Kong, The Philippines, and Vietnam. She has evidenced-based success with action learning as a project based learning strategy in developing countries. Tania Aspland is employed in off shore contexts in the field of curriculum development and curriculum evaluation and thesis supervision. She has also instigated new models of professional development within schools and universities, to support the process of curriculum development and leadership


Phone :0477364918 (North Sydney)
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Research Interests

teacher education; transnational education; higher ; Higher education; curriculum development ;

Methods Expertise

interpretive research; critical action research; ; phenomenography; case study; ;

Research Projects

No research project is currently recorded.

Selected Publications


Reshaping leadership in the academy: Balancing creativity and compliance agendas in higher education in Australia, in International Leadership Journal.

Sex education in South Australia: The past and the present. , in Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning,

Australian higher education and the Course Experience Questionnaire: Insights, implications and recommendations., in Australian Universities Review,

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Teacher Education for new times: Differentiate or die, in Journal of Research, policy & Practice of Teachers and Teacher Education


Teacher Education in Australia: Twists and turns, in In K. Karrs, & C. C. Wolhuter(Eds), International handbook on teachers education: Worldwide training, issues and challenges for teachersa?? profession. Athens: Atrapos Editions

Constructing a territory for professional practice research: Some introductory considerations. , in n A. Campbell, & S. Groundwater Smith, Action Research in Education. New Delhi: Sage Publication

Other information

Higher Degree Supervision - Successful completions

1. Clair Hughes: Student learning outcomes in the primary context: A case study (Associate-Conferred 1998) EdD QUT

2. Geof Hill : Exploration of research paradigms in writing an educational doctorate (Associate-Conferred 2002) EDD QUT

3. Denise Beutel: Pedagogical Connectedness in the Middle Years of Schooling (Principal-Conferred 2003) EdD QUT

4. Sharon Ainsworth: Insights into Curriculum Differentiation: A case approach (Principal) Conferred2004 PhD ECU

5. Meher Rizvi: Primary School Reform in Pakistan. (Associate) Conferred 2004 PhD QUT

6. Lyn Burnett: Young lesbian women: The post coming out process (Principal ??? 2002-2004) Conferred 2005 PhD QUT

7. Ruth Burnett: Maintaining data in the special needs context : A case study (Principal Conferred 2004) (Principal) EdD QUT

8. Leanne Crosswell: Teacher engagement and Commitment (Associate) Conferred 2005 (Associate) EdD QUT

9. Shila Fernandez The perceptions of preservice teachers and their engagement with critical thinking in Singapore language curriculum (Principal) Conferred 2006 EdD UWA

10. Karuna Marthenis Preschool teachers perspectives of school readiness (Principal) Conferred 2006 (Principal) EdD UWA

11. Radhika de Ramanthankan Examining the perspectives of undergraduate students engaging in group work: An interpretive study (Principal) Conferred 2006 EdD UWA

12. Lee, Khen Seng Effective school leadership: The Singaporean approach through the SEM model (Principal) EdD UWAConferred 2009

13. Rumble, P (2010) In search of the middle years teachers: What differentiates the middle school teacher from primary and secondary school teachers? (Principal) PhD conferred 2010 USC

14. Homi Amezullah Competency Intelligence in VET (Principal) PhD Adelaide Conferred 2011

15. John Rose : Impact of national curriculum on Christian schools (Principal) PhD Adelaide Conferred 2014

16. Poulomee Datta Learning needs of visually impared and hearing impaired students in the secondary school. (Principal) PhD Adelaide Conferred 2014

17. Joy Talkdukar: Pre-service teachers??? perspectives on STD in South Australia (Principal) PhD Adelaide Conferred 2014

18. Burhannan: Patterns of leadership and decision making in one university in Malaysia (Principal) PhD Adelaide Conferrred 2015

19. Yeo Hwee Joo Perspectives of teachers on whole school reform in Singapore Secondary Schools (Principal) EdD UWA Conferred 2016

20. Colette Alexander : Conceptions of Teacher education. (Principal) PhD Adelaide Conferred 2017

21. Linda Chin: Leadership from the Middle (Principal) EdD UWA Conferred 2018

22. Ken Young Pre-service teachers perspectives on becoming a teacher (Principal) PhD Adelaide Conferred 2018

23. Alex Lovatt PhD Adelaide Alternative pathways from VET to university Recipient of university medal. Conferred 2018.

24. Vicki Lavaroto : Leadership and Change management in Middle schools (Principal) EdD ACU Conferred 2018

25. Chin Yok Mui Mentoring of beginning teachers in Singapore To be conferred 2019.