Dr Hannah Forsyth - Nat Sch of Arts (Faculty of Education and Arts)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor


Dr Hannah Forsyth is Senior Lecturer in History and ARC DECRA Fellow at ACU.

Her Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award Project 'Are we all Middle Class Now? A History of Professions in Australia' is a three-year project 2017-2019. It aims to give an account of the growth of professions in twentieth-century Australia. It seeks to explain their relationship to changes in the structures and priorities of government and capitalism locally and through economic and institutional connections to international systems and organisations. She is conducting a statistical study of professions over the twentieth century and a political and cultural study of a selection of sample occupations, including Medicine, Law, Engineering, Teaching, Accounting, Journalism, Nursing and Social Work.

Hannah is the author of A History of the Modern Australian University, a book published in 2014 by NewSouth Publishing. Hannah's research on the history of higher education has been the subject of discussion in the public sphere and she is a regular contributor to the media, in newspapers like The Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald as well as The Conversation and London's Times Higher Education.

Hannah teaches modern history, historiography and Australian Indigenous History. She has supervised honours and postgraduate work in labour history, Aboriginal history, history of capitalism and gender history.


Phone :4621 (Strathfield)
Email :Hannah.Forsyth@acu.edu.au
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Research Interests

Australian History ; Labour history ; Historiography, History and Theory ; History of Education ; Australian Aboriginal History ; Settler Colonial Studies ; History of Capitalism ; History teaching and historical consciousness ; Social Inclusion in higher education ;

Methods Expertise

Intellectual History ; oral history ; archival research ; Surveys, Interviews, focus groups ; Community-engaged research ; Census and statistics ; Economic history ; Cultural History ;

Research Projects

Selected Publications


Reconsidering women's role in the professionalisation of the economy: evidence from the Australian census 1881-1947, in Australian Economic History Review: an Asia-Pacific journal of economic, business and social history

Authentic assessment for a more inclusive history - co-author Jedidiah Evans, in Higher Education Research & Development 38:4, 748-761


Class, professional work and the history of capitalism in Broken Hill, c.1880-1910, in Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas 15:2

'The Logic of Survival: towards an Indigenous-centred history of capitalism in Wilcannia' - co-author Altin Gavranovic, in Settler Colonial Studies 8(4), pp.464-488


Seeking a New Materialism in Australian History - co-author Sophie Loy-Wilson, in Australian Historical Studies 48(2), pp.169-88

Post-war political economics and the growth of Australian university research, c.1945-65 , in History of Education Review 46(1), pp.15-32


'A Scholarship of Social Inclusion in higher education: why we need it and what it should look likea??, in Higher Education Research and Development 34:1, 219-222 (with Annette Cairnduff)

Expanding higher education: institutional responses in Australia from the post-war era to the 1970s, in Paedagogica Historica: International Journal of the History of Education 51(3), 365-80


The Russel Ward Case: academic freedom in Australia during the Cold War , in History Australia 11(3)

A History of the Modern Australian University, in NewSouth Publishing

Dreaming of Higher Education - Winner of the Deen de Bortoli Award for Applied History, in Southerly 74 (2), pp.119-42

Disinterested Scholars or Interested Parties? The Public's Investment in Self-interested Universities, in in M. Thornton (ed.) Through a Glass Darkly: The Neoliberal University and the Social Sciences (ANU Press, Canberra)


Mobilising medical knowledge for the nation, 1943-49 - co-author Peter Hobbins, in Health and History, 15(1), 59-79.

Negotiating the Benefits of Knowledge: International Networks and Technology in Australian Post-War Universities , in History of Education Review, 42 (1)


Ideas Of A Liberal Education: An Essay On Elite And Mass Higher Education, in On The Purpose of a University Education: a history and examination of liberal education in Australia. Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing.


Making night hideous with their noise: New Year's Eve 1897, in History Australia 8 (2), pp. 66-86.


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SMALL IS BIG: the AWA tower and wireless monumentality, in Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, 17 (4), pp. 419-432

Other information

Deen de Bortoli Prize for Applied History, $5,000, History Council of New South Wales, 2016

Margaret George Award for emerging scholars, $10,000, National Archives of Australia, 2011

ACURF, $125,000 for Australia Since the Second World War (with Noah Riseman, Maggie Nolan and Melissa Bellanta), 2014-2016.

APH/CAL award $2,000 for Australian Policy and History, 2012.

University of Sydney Grant, 2012: $25,000 for history research project 'Taking a longer view of widening participation: toward a history of social inclusion in higher education in Sydney, c.1945-1975'.

University of Sydney grant of $35,000 grant to consider aspects of historical consciousness and social inclusion in history teaching at school and at university (with Mike McDonnell and Tim Allender), 2011-2012.