Associate Professor Robyn Horner - Office of the Dean of Theology and Philosophy (Faculty of Theology and Philosophy)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor


Associate Professor Robyn Horner is a teaching and research academic within the School of Theology, and a member of the Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry. From 2010 until 2015, she held the position of Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) of the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy.

The aim of her research is to find new ways of thinking religious phenomena within contemporary Western contexts, characterised as such contexts are by the immense cultural challenges of secularisation, pluralisation, and detraditionalisation. She investigates this area both theoretically (especially through the use of hermeneutic phenomenology, together with a variety of post-structuralist tools of critique), and practically (in collaboration with researchers in Belgium who have developed scales for measuring individual and communal religious expressions of identity&mdashthe Enhancing Catholic School Identity Project). Her distinct contribution to the field is the way in which she approaches the signification of religious phenomena by means of affection or disturbance, and interprets them contextually.


Phone :(03) 9953 3130 (Melbourne)
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Research Interests

Jean-Luc Marion ; Emmanuel Levinas ; Jacques Derrida ; fundamental theology ; Phenomenology ; poststructuralism ;

Methods Expertise

theology, phenomenology, poststructuralism ;

Research Projects

Current Projects

Selected Publications


Words that Reveal: Jean-Yves Lacoste and the Experience of God, in Continental Philosophy Review


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