Dr Tonya Rooney - Nat Sch of Education (Faculty of Education and Arts)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor


My research focuses on young children's experience in contemporary society, with a particular emphasis on re-conceptualising children's relations in and with space, time and more-than-human worlds. My work is cross-disciplinary and situated at the intersection of early years education, philosophy, critical geographies and childhood studies.

Specific research expertise includes: environmental education; children and new digital technologies; conceptualising childhood space/times; and policy, regulation and risk in education settings.

I am a member of the Common Worlds Research Collective - http://commonworlds.net/ - an interdisciplinary network of researchers concerned with children's relations with the more-than-human world.


Phone :1334 (Canberra)
Email :tonya.rooney@acu.edu.au
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Research Interests

Early Childhood ; Philosophies of Childhood ; Environmental Education ; Childrens geographies ; Ethics and new technologies in childhood ;

Methods Expertise

Ethnography ; Place-based methodologies ; Critical theory (political, social) ; Philosophical analysis of theory ; Feminist perspectives ; Qualitative Research ;

Research Projects

Current Projects

Selected Publications


Weathering Time: Walking with young children in a changing climate, in Children's Geographies

Listening to and telling a rush of unruly Natureculture gender stories, in Disrupting and Countering Deficits in Early Childhood Education

Sticking: Children and the Lively Matter of Sticks, in Feminist Research for 21st Century Childhoods: Common Worlds Methods


Weather Worlding: Learning with the Elements in Early Childhood, in Environmental Education Research


Planning for innovative and flexible school spaces: Safety and Risk, in Freeman, C. and Tranter, P. (eds) Risk Protection, Provision and Policy , Vol 12, in Skelton, T (editor-in-chief) Geographies of Children and Young People (Springer, Singapore)

Spy Kids Too: Encounters with surveillance through games and play, in Surveillance Futures: Social and Ethical Implications of New Technologies for Children and Young People

Digital Playgrounds: Growing up in the surveillance age, in Surveillance Futures: Social and Ethical Implications of New Technologies for Children and Young People


Putting time aside: Navigating the flow of becoming in a posthuman world, in Global Studies of Childhood


Shame and the Virtual Gaze: Supporting children's encounters in online worlds, in Emotion, Space and Society. Vol 16

Higher Stakes: the hidden risks of school security fences for childrens learning environments , in Environmental Education Research, Vol 21(6)


Childhood Spaces in a Changing World: exploring the intersection between children and new surveillance technologies, in Global Studies of Childhood


Trusting children: How do surveillance technologies alter a childs experience of trust, risk and responsibility, in Surveillance and Society, Vol 7 (3/4)