Professor Robert Bland - Nat School of Allied Health (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor


Robert Bland has extensive experience as a mental health clinician and researcher. He has worked in the area of families and mental illness, recovery, social work practice, ethics and practice standards.


Phone :7897 (Brisbane)
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Research Interests

mental illness, families, social work ;

Methods Expertise

mixed methods, action research, qualitative method ;

Research Projects

Completed Projects

  • Transition experience of young men with mental illness leaving prison. (PhD) (Principal Supervisor)

Current Projects

  • The engagement of young people in mental health services. (PhD) (Principal Supervisor)
  • Young people in long-term mental health hospital care. (PhD) (Principal Supervisor)

Selected Publications


Bland, R, Renouf, N & Tullgren, A Mental Health and Social Work Practice (2nd edition), in Allen & Unwin Publishing

Wyder, M, Bland, R, Herriot, A and Crompton, D (in press) The importance of understanding the legal processes of involuntary treatment orders: The experience of those under and involuntary treatment order., in International Journal of Law and Mental Health

Bland, R & Tullgren, A (in press) The lived experience of mental illness, in in Byrne, G & Fitzgereald, J (eds) "Psychosocial Dimensions in Medicine" IP Communications


Wyder, M & Bland, R The recovery framework as a way of understanding family's response to mental illness, in Australian Social Work, Vol 67, 2, pp179-196

Bland, R & Tullgren, A Recovery Theory and Practice, in in Francis, A (ed) Social Wokr & Mental Health: Contexts and Theories for Practice Sage Publications


Bland, R & Foster, M Families and mental illness: Contested perspectives and implications for practice and policy , in Australian Social Work, Vol 65, 4, pp517-534