Professor Marita McCabe - Institute for Health & Ageing (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor

Professor Marita McCabe has conducted a range of research studies to address depression and behavioural problems associated with dementia among older people. Her research team and postgraduate students have investigated the prevalence of depression among older people in both residential and community care. On the basis of a needs analysis, the team developed a staff training program to assist them to detect depression among older people. This program has been evaluated in a preliminary study, and a wider scale evaluation is currently being completed. These projects have been supported by research grants from beyondblue and Australian Research Council. Professor McCabe has also led a research team of staff and postgraduate students to implement and evaluate a staff training program to assist them to better manage behavioural problems associated with dementia. This program both reduced the behavioural problems, as well as staff burnout. The research has been supported by Alzheimera??s Australia.


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