Dr Karen Caeyenberghs - Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor


K. Caeyenberghs received her Master degree in Experimental Psychology in 2005 at the KULeuven, Belgium. She obtained her PhD in Biomedical Sciences in 2010 under supervision of Prof. S.P. Swinnen at the same university. She has revealed critical insights at the interface between brain structure, and function in relation to motor behaviour in children with traumatic brain injury. K. Caeyenberghs is now senior research fellow at the School of Psychology, Faculty of Health Sciences. She is a broadly experienced scientist who has become acquainted with a variety of medical imaging techniques, including functional MRI and diffusion MRI, to address prominent problems of motor and cognitive control in the daily life of patients. With this overarching interdisciplinary expertise K. Caeyenberghs has been able to perform innovative research, which resulted in a numerous articles. Her ultimate drive is to reveal which specific aspects of white matter change in response to pathology and training, and to determine to what extent structural networks are subject to neuroplastic changes.


Phone :8067 (Melbourne)
Email :karen.caeyenberghs@acu.edu.au
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Research Interests

brain injury ; Neuropsychology ; (Virtual) Rehabilitation ; neuroplasticity ; training ;

Methods Expertise

diffusion MRI ; graph theoretical analyses ; functional MRI ; longitudinal analyses ; Freesurfer ; EEG ;

Research Projects

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