Dr Paul Atkins - Nat Sch Psychology (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor


I joined the School of Psychology, ACU in January this year. I am a board endorsed Organisational Psychologist who has worked in both academia and industry. At ACU I am currently teaching organisational and counselling psychology, as well as coordinating the Master of Clinical Counselling program. By training, I am a registered psychologist with a PhD in Psychology from Cambridge University. I have three PhD students continuing at ANU studying the impacts of mindfulness and values-based living on daily life. I am just now beginning a program of research in collaboration with my honours and masters students exploring the behavioural and physiological correlates of breath meditation practice. Other research I am conducting focuses upon the effects of mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy upon identity, perspective taking and relationships. I have just finished editing a book for Cambridge University Press on the use of mindfulness training in organizations.


Phone :4497 (Strathfield)
Email :paulw.atkins@acu.edu.au
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Research Interests

mindfulness, identity, teamwork ;

Methods Expertise

behavioural measures, single case, quantitative ; Qualitative ;

Research Projects

Current Projects

  • Creating a behavioural measure of mindfulness (Undergraduate) (Principal Supervisor)
  • Meta-analysis of mindfulness interventions for children and adolescents (Master) (Principal Supervisor)
  • Measuring mindfulness and values in what people say (PhD) (Principal Supervisor)
  • The relative importance of mindfulness and values in wellbeing (PhD) (Principal Supervisor)
  • Mindfulness, autonomy and empathy in counselling (Master) (Principal Supervisor)

Selected Publications


Mindfulness in Organizations, in Cambridge University Press

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Scenarios for Australia in 2050: A synthesis and proposed survey, in Journal of Future Studies

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The importance of Mindfulness in Organisations, in Mindfulness in Organisations


Toward an Integrated Science and Sociotecture of Intentional Change., in Behavioral and Brain Sciences


Cultural identity and convergence on western attitudes and beliefs in the United Arab Emirates, in International Journal of Cross Cultural Management

Empathy, self-other differentiation and mindfulness, in Organizing Through Empathy

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Understanding individual compassion in organizations: the role of appraisals and psychological flexibility, in Academy of Management Review

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