Dr Lenore Adie - Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education (Faculty of Education and Arts)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor


Lenore Adie is a Senior Research Fellow based in Brisbane in the Learning Sciences Institute Australia, working in the Assessment, Evaluation and Student Learning Program. Lenore has previously worked in the primary school sector in teaching and administrative positions. Her research focuses on assessment practices, in particular formative assessment and moderation, and spans across primary, secondary and tertiary education.


Phone :7333 (Brisbane)
Email :Lenore.Adie@acu.edu.au
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Research Interests

Assessment, Formative assessment, ; Assessment for Learning, Moderation ;

Methods Expertise

Qualitative Research, Case study ;

Research Projects

Selected Publications


WhatA?s the point of moderation? A discussion of the purposes achieved through contemporary moderation practices, in Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education


Teachers using annotations to engage students in assessment conversations: recontextualising knowledge, in Curriculum Journal

The development of shared understandings of assessment policy: Travelling between global and local contexts, in Journal of Education Policy


Identifying discourses of moderation in higher education, in Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education

The development of teacher assessment identity through participation in online moderation, in Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy and Practice

Conceptualising teachers'' assessment literacies in an era of curriculum and assessment reform, in Australian Educational Researcher

Negotiating the meaning of achievement standards in the Australian curriculum, in Curriculum Perspectives


Learning as identity and practice through involvement in online moderation, in Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability

Towards an understanding of teacher judgement in the context of social moderation, in Educational Review


The hegemonic positioning of ''Smart State'' policy, in Journal of Education Policy