Professor Jacqueline Cumming - Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education (Faculty of Education and Arts)

Fully accredited supervisor - Can supervise as principal supervisor


Professor Joy Cumming is the Program Director of the Assessment, Evaluation and Student Learning Research Program in LSIA at ACU. Joy has been involved in educational research for 40 years, including state and federally funded research projects and contributing to national and state policies. Her core research priority is educational assessment, with projects in adult and child literacy and numeracy. Her research also focuses on equity and social justice in assessment, including work in education law that examines the impact of educational policy and legislation in assessment and accountability on students. Prior to commencing at ACU in 2013, Joy was employed in a number of roles including Professor in the Faculty of Education and Dean of Griffith Graduate Research School during her 25 years with Griffith University.


Phone :7862 (Brisbane)
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Research Interests

Assessment ; Evaluation ; Accountability ; Education law ; Standardised testing ; Accountability and equity in education ;

Methods Expertise

Research design and mixed methodology ; Qualitative and quantitative methods ;

Research Projects

Selected Publications


National testing and its effects: Evidence from Australia, in International Journal of Law and Education

Diversity, affirmative action and higher education: An Australian legal perspective, in Higher education and the law

Students a??at riska?? and the National Assessment Program a??Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN): The a??collateral damagea??, in National testing and its effects: Evidence from Australia. Book series: Local/Global Issues in Education


Legal issues regarding student mobile phones: Considerations of Australian context and case law from United States public schools, in International Journal of Law and Education

Enabling all students to learn through assessment: A case study of equitable outcomes achieved through the use of criteria and standards, in Designing assessment for quality learning

Expanding approaches to summative assessment for students with impairment, in The Sage Handbook of Special Education


Australia, quality education, and the a??best interestsa?? of the child, in Australian Journal of Education

a??Which Child Left Behinda??: Historical Issues Regarding Equity in Science Assessment, in Education Sciences

Alternative modes of assessment and equity in science education, in Education Sciences


Valuing students with impairments: International comparisons of practice in educational accountability