Getting Started on RexR

Welcome to the Research Expertise Register (RexR) ! RexR is a web application to showcase our supervisors and their research expertise.

If you are a supervisor, you can create your supervisor profile and submit it for accreditation (approval) to be listed on RexR.

The workflow on RexR in creating your supervisor profile is as follows:

Please hover your mouse over each of the step for more information

Create your profile

To create your supervisor profile, click on the "Create my supervisor profile" link:

Create my supervisor profile

Fill-out your profile, then click "Next" to save your profile (previous step above) and proceed to the next section (and submission).

Edit Profile

If you decide to navigate away after clicking "Next" to save the profile, you can resume editing by clicking on the "View my unpublished supervisor profile" link on the left-hand side of the page, then hover the mouse pointer over "Profile Action", and select "Edit profile".

Profile Action - Edit Profile

Submit your profile

When you are ready to submit your profile for approval, hover the mouse pointer over "Profile Actions" drop-down menu, then click on "Complete and submit for approval".

Profile Action - Complete and submit for approval

Proceed with the on-screen instructions.

Once you have submitted your profile for approval, you can track the approval progress of your profile at the bottom of the profile preview:

Profile History

You can edit your profile at any time using the "Profile Actions" drop-down menu

Profile Action

If you decide to cancel your accreditation request, you can do so by clicking on the "Cancel" button on the "View Pending Requests" page.

View pending request page

Await accreditation

Your accreditation request will need to be approved by several people depending on your school / faculty structure (most likely head of school, faculty), during which, extra information may be requested by the person approving your profile.

You can view and create comments at the bottom of your unpublished supervisor profile page:

Comment question Comment answer

When your profile is approved at each level (stage), an entry is made into the profile history.

Approved at stage

Once your profile is approved by all people in the approval workflow, it will then be publicly viewable (published). A corresponding entry is made in the profile's history.

Profile published entry in profile history log

After you profile has been approved, you can access and edit it via the "View my supervisor profile" link.

View my supervisor profile link

Accredited profile

Once your profile is approved by all people involved in your school's approval workflow, it will become publicly viewable (published).

You can edit your accredited supervisor profile at any time by clicking on the "Edit profile" link in the "Profile Actions" drop-down menu on your profile page (you will need to login first).

Profile Actions - Edit profile

Should you wish to remove your profile from RexR, use the "Delist profile" link - your profile will go through a approval workflow before being delisted from RexR.